About Us

Rainey Cawthon Distributor, Inc. was founded in 1948 by 3 partners, Rainey Cawthon, Charles Mayhew and Fred Pierson. They were originally a Sinclair Oil distributor but switched to Shell in 1952. Initially primarily a home heating oil marketer, over the years the company has transformed along with the industry, branching out into Shell service stations, then making the transition to convenience stores, along with maintaining heating and commercial fuel and lubricant deliveries.

From Full Serve visible gasoline pumps to today’s computerized self service dispensers, much has changed about the industry. However, the driving focus on the customer by Rainey Cawthon Distributor has not changed. Tested by the many years Rainey Cawthon Distributor has survived by being customer driven, and providing excellent service to their customers. Throughout all of the challenges of the past (oil embargo, transition from leaded gas to unleaded gas, full serve to self serve, etc.) Rainey Cawthon has weathered them all and come out a strong service oriented company, standing ready to serve your needs.

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